Krent Able’s Nick Cave Tee.


Krent Able is a comic artist and illustrator, living in London England. His books include KRENT ABLE’S BIG BOOK OF MISCHIEF and THE SECOND COMING OF KRENT ABLE. He has also co-written a few award winning films of which Deep Clean was the most recent.

We have been fans of Krent Able since 2010 when the great free music zine called The Stool Pigeon in England not only reviewed all the best music, but also set aside pages for Krent Able and his various comic strips. The Dr Cave strip is by far the best Nick Cave comic strip on the planet. About Being Seen have been Birthday Party and Nick Cave fans for years and it is only right to release the bats in 2020. Caw Caw

T-shirts are 100% ringspun cotton, hand printed with organic water based inks.

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